Welcome to a finer dining experience

Every credible chef holds a secret blend of spices, as do ours, but not so secret are some of the facts behind our finest flavours - facts which carry on the wind and indeed, we feel, bring many happy customers back again and again to experience truly - Indian Nights.

A specially prepared feast for you of the best Indian cuisines.
A beautiful set table spread with culinary delights for you to sample and enjoy. You will be truly spoiled for choice.

(Sharing menu, minimum of 4 persons, prices vary £19.95 to £29.95)

Indian Nights offers authentic and delicious Indian flavours, with restaurants and takeaways in East Bridgford, Radcliffe and West Bridgford.

Whether dining in our fine resaurants, or calling for a takeaway you'll sense genuie warmth as we turn food and passion into the most delightful Indian dishes.

“Been dozens of times, never had a less than excellent meal.”