About us

Fulfilling and delicious - this describes each meal we lovingly prepare. But how do we do it? What ingredients make our cuisine so special every time?

Begin with a family, through generations of caring and collaborating, bringing age-old Indian recipes into a modern world of new tastes and refined gastronomic capabilities.

Inside Indian Nights

Blend this with the insistence of only the finest, freshest and most responsibly sourced ingredients, then add insight, experience and expertise in the art of Indian cooking, and we begin to see the marks of superior contemporary Indian cuisine in the making.

And they say a smile is half the meal. Indian Nights are full of joy: from our waiters delighted at the privilege of serving the most complimentary customers, to the chefs, ferociously proud of the opportunity to share their love and refined knowledge of Indian cuisine every night of the week.

We spend our hours perfecting charisma in cuisine, adding flair to the finest Indian flavours – so you can experience the finest – Indian Nights.

“Vibrant colours, rich textures and the finest flavours. A journey of fulfilment through delight”